Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The sleep-deprived ramblings of a developer in transition...

Late-night software deployments are no fun. No fun whatsoever, particularly when you feel compelled (out of a little niggling paranoia that you’ve done something just a hair’s-breadth away from perfect) to stay up to watch the automated jobs pick up and start running the new code.

I’m going to be very happy when this project can be put to bed, so that I can get back to doing things that I’m a little more emotionally invested in. I have a great opportunity to do some systems architecture coming up; we’re rewriting my core projects into Java and JSF, which is allowing for some much-needed central refactoring, so that things can be decoupled and streamlined. I might not have the technical knowledge that the other developers on the project have (I’m terrifically out-of-date on Java), but I do have solid domain knowledge, so I’ll be able to establish the game plan—write up most of the user stories and make sure that that’s all coherent, make sure that all the systems that need to be redesign get done correctly, &c, &c.

Of course, the worst thing of staying up late to work on code is when you forget that there’s a time zone difference between you and the server it’s running on… and that when it runs at “2:00 am”, it’s actually referring to Mountain Standard Time. Bah!

Time for bed.

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