Recruiter Contact Policy

Finding a good recruiter in this city can be harder than finding a good job. Fortunately for me, I have definitely found the latter, and I’ve pretty clearly found the former in a couple of cases.

By and large, I’m not looking for work. My job challenges me, I’m learning a lot about some really cool technologies, and I feel like just about everyone I work with is a friend.

If you’re a recruiter, picking up my profile from someone else in the agency who had my file, I’m happy to pass on leads to anyone I know who may be qualified. Bear in mind, of course, if my employer is also hiring for the same qualifications (or, somehow, the same job!), you’re going to have a hard time getting me to recommend them to you first!

If you’re a recruiter I’ve worked with directly in the past—you’ve tried, successfully or not, to find me work—and you’re looking to re-establish contact (perhaps you’ve changed agencies), or looking for a referral to fill a position, by all means contact me.

If, however, no one at your agency has contacted me before, I’m not looking for new recruiters at this time. I already have two go-to recruiters that I contact first, and a number of go-to agencies who I call immediately after that. If it happens that I do need work, this policy will be updated accordingly.