Curriculum vitæ

Matthew Coe
Minor PHP Deity/Burgeoning Java Developer/Technorenaissance Man

Toronto, Ontario | Software Development and Information Technology
B.C.Sc. Dalhousie University


Web software developer and systems administrator with multiple languages and seventeen years experience. Particular interests include natural language processing and machine learning, enterprise and infrastructure software development, UNIX/Linux systems, with peripheral interests in network security and cryptography. Oracle Certified Associate, Java 7.


Software Developer, Kijiji Canada (eBay Classifieds Group)

May 2010 – present | Java 6 (Spring, JSF), PHP 5

Ongoing development of core Kijiji platform, and internal support layer for native mobile apps. Previously, performed architecture, development, and maintenance of mission-critical customer support tools and anti-fraud expert systems for Kijiji Canada and sister eBay Classified Group sites worldwide, in addition to systems for aggregating data from partners in automotive and real estate industries. Collaborated on core product projects that affect above tools.


“My time at eBay greatly benefitted from the hire of Matthew. He is a great software developer who is always ready to take on new tasks regardless of the complexity. Whether rewriting some crusty old system, maintaining and extending a critical process or furthering the business by creating something new, Matt was someone we could always trust to get it done.

“Always professional, personable, and ready to sweat the small stuff.

“Leaving Kijiji behind was easy knowing that it was left in Matt's very capable hands.” —James Stansfield, Local Product Developer, eBay. June 19, 2012.

Freelance Web Application Developer, Prophecy Newmedia

1999 – present | PHP 5 (Zend Framework, Symfony), jQuery, Prototype

  • Ongoing work to create Zend Framework extensions to provide full audit trail, data integrity, shared memory and vertically distributed database support, temporarily called “Project Alchemy”
  • Ongoing work to create note-taking Web application using Zend Framework and Project Alchemy core. Employing test-driven development to guide feature development
  • Created original CMS ("Portico") using Zend Framework and Project Alchemy core toolkit. Deployed Portico to serve (now defunct).
  • Rapid development and deployment of cross-browser, minimal-hack-required venture partnership website at
  • Completed development self-serve subscription tool for energy marketer ( Tool was originally built in symfony and jQuery; despite negligible prior experience in both, became rapidly familiar with both frameworks in order to maintain uninterrupted release schedule.
  • Developed RMA/product information management tool in July and August 2007
  • Implemented RSA Data Security, Inc., MD5 message-digest algorithm in JavaScript.
  • Designed websites for small businesses and organisations. Developed cookie-less mechanism for processing ticket purchases.

Front-End Developer, Nurun Inc.

March – April 2010 | JavaScript (jQuery)

Design and development of rich applets using jQuery, built on JSP core. Created “carbon calculators” for Sears Canada, using Abstract and Factory design patterns to allow for rapid redeployment of new calculators, and to provide ability to combine calculators on a single page. Average time to establish new calculator: < 1 hour, including extracting graphics. Carbon Calculator were installed in Vancouver Robson store that used this applet, as described here.


“Matthew has great attention to detail and is a proactive problem solver.” —Jackie Reading, Sr Project Manager, Nurun, April 26, 2010

Senior Developer, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

January – November 2009 | XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, XSLT

Assisted with project to improve appearance, page structure, and accessibility of by redesigning HTML, ASP-based page templates, JavaScript and CSS. Assisted with implementation of user experience enhancements and regular content updates to Designed JavaScript/CSS technique to enable persistent low-visual-acuity accessibility features currently in use on Created operational maintenance guide for development and maintenance of XML-based ABM marketing campaigns. Guide included step-by-step instructions, in-depth explanation of the process, examples of input and output of the process and XML templates to reduce potential for error and increase efficiency of development. Templates allow new campaigns to be written and made available for testing in under fifteen minutes.


“Matthew has the ability to instantly translate visual mockups and designs into fully functional web pages – with little direction and oversight.” —Lucas Czuchraj, Graphic Designer, CIBC. November 2, 2009.

PHP Developer / Systems Administrator, Syncapse Corp

June – October 2008

Designed and development original social-networking software for use on Facebook and MySpace platforms. Maintained of local workstations and remote servers to maintain data integrity, service availability and reliable backups. Created multi-platform discussion board to allow conversations to occur among Facebook, MySpace and iGoogle users. Created content management software for delivery of "Perez Hilton" podcast to mobile phones.


“Matt is a smart and sharp individual who can switch hit between software development and sysadmin. He is well-read, inquisitive and an all around good person, who brings passion and detail to any situation put in front of him. I highly recommend Matt Coe to any company with a need for talent in software.” —Matt Kantor, Director of Software Development, Syncapse Corp. October 30, 2008.

Content Strategist, Rogers Communications Inc

August 2007 – May 2008

Maintained Rogers web presence: ensured that online content complies with company standards, including bilingual support for French- and English-speaking customers and regionalisation to ensure that customers in each province are not shown information about services to which they cannot subscribe. Provided technical advising with respect to ongoing customer satisfaction surveys.

PHP Programmer and Developer, RAW Integrated Inc

February – June 2007

Redesigned and developed in-house client and project management tool. Implemented access control lists, group permissions inheritance, form generation and universal note-taking. Provided RSS 2.0 feed generator and language-specific XML menu generator for labour union site CMS. Provided store for local houseleague baseball website. Store permits any number of items, item categories, options and customisations. Checkout process sends only the minimum necessary amount of information security and privacy purposes. Designed and developed Web-based inventory management system for a printing house. Software allows clients to request stock to be delivered the address of their choice. Provided notification for staff members in the event that stock of a particular item fell below an item-specific quantity. Designed and developed a press release module for the in-house content management system. Created a method to insert a press release into other content pages at any point.

Assistant Systems Administration, Dalhousie University Faculty of Computer Science

January – December 2006

Provided first-level technical support to students, staff, faculty and members of public for Faculty of Computer Science computer resources. Advised technical support leads of repeat and systemic issues in key systems. Corrected repeat or systemic issues in minor systems. Performed software and hardware maintenance on Faculty of Computer Science computers. Improved Help Desk operations for future staff. Developed and implemented system-wide fixes to Faculty of Computer Science printing service. Upgraded the server software and recentralised the service for improved reliability. Discovered and corrected errors preventing some printers from receiving jobs. Rewrote maintenance scripts to adapt to the addition or removal of printers. Introduced new calendar for Help Desk-wide alerts of upcoming equipment loans and provided site-specific documentation. Wrote nightly backup script to ensure loan information would not be lost.


“Matthew was an effective Assistant Systems Administrator, he dealt with the problems presented well, and accomplished the tasks assigned in an efficient and timely manner.” —Chris Maxwell, Systems Administrator, Faculty of Computer Science, Dalhousie University. December 19, 2008

“Matt was a very hard-working, independent employee. I was able to delegate tasks without worry and the work was always up to or exceeded expectations. He was very knowledgeable in technical areas and was able to get up to speed in new areas very quickly. Overall he was a very effective member of the team and contributed a great deal during his time with us.” —Marc Comeau, Webmaster / DBA, Dalhousie University. June 3, 2008.

WebCT Course Integrator, Dalhousie University Academic Computing Services
May – December 2005

Provided single point of communication with university Music department with respect to increasing use of teaching technology throughout the department. Developed training material for use by Music department instructors and thematic material for use with existing teaching technology to provide a unified student experience across the department. Developed necessary tools to improve use of teaching technology within the department; wrote university-specific tutorials for multiple software packages with which I was not previous familiar. Was prepared to give training seminars for the same software. Expanded open-source resource-booking software (phpScheduleIt) for use by university-level userbase (>100k users). Introduced group permissions inheritance later implemented at RAW Integrated Inc., and designed access control lists later implemented at RAW. Provided support when software was adopted by faculty.