Tuesday, 4 November 2008

So many job profiles to choose from..!

It’s really spooky, looking through jobs on Monster.ca, and noticing that every job in their “Featured Jobs” skyscraper box is listed in Ft. Meade. More so when you pick one at random and see that security clearance is a job requirement. As inexorably cool as it would be to work for the NSA, albeit indirectly, that would also be pretty stressful.

Besides, I’m Canadian. If I wanted to work for the spooks, I’d be applying at CSIS and CSE. I guess they’re not hiring.

What I am looking for, as of this point in time, is something in PHP development or system administration. While I can say pretty certainly that my days of writing PHP code are numbered, ever since I read about what the new namespace token is going to be, it’s also what I have the most expertise in, and frankly, it's what’s going to get me working. I’ll experiment with Python once I’m getting a steady paycheque again. If you happen to need a PHP guy, I’m your man. I like Zend as a framework; I'm not entirely sure that’s mentioned on my LinkedIn profile.

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